It was very easy working with Tom and McCloskey Homes during the entire process from selecting the design to the final product. One of the biggest complaints anyone will tell you when dealing with a contractor is “I could never get a hold of them”. This never happened with Tom. From dealing directly with him, to those working for him or his suppliers, we were always able to discuss our concerns and ideas which made the building process so much easier from start to finish. We love our custom home because it’s something new each day. In the winter, it’s our stone fireplace, in the summer and fall, it’s our secluded back patio, some days, it’s our hardwood floors, we love the open space of the floor plan, our high ceilings, having our own walk-in closets, there are just too many things to list. That’s the great thing about a “custom” home! We would recommend McCloskey Homes without hesitation (and already have to several friends and acquaintances). We could not be happier with the craftsmanship, quality of materials, advice and attention to detail given to the building of our home. Lastly, we always felt as though we were in good hands throughout the decision making process. Most people don’t know much about the home building process, especially with the ever-changing requirements in codes by the city and state. Tom took care of all of that for us and was up to date on all of the necessary requirements and permits needed. This is a big help and one less thing for us to worry about.

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